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Junior High & High School

Our team loves being involved in students' lives. Whether in a Sunday morning or Wednesday night small group or grabbing food during the week, we have one goal: to seek out the next lost student and help him find Jesus. You'll find gospel teaching and a growing community in student ministry. Join us!

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7 and 8 Grades
Fort Worth, Texas | Redemption City Church | March 26-30, 2022
Projects: Evangelism, kindness outreach, work with local YMCA, prepare for worship services
Approximate Cost: Under $1,000

9, 10 and 11 Grades
Guatemala | March 25-April 2, 2022
Projects: Local school and church assemblies, backyard VBS, partner and worship with local churches
Approximate Cost: $1,650

12 Grade
Puerto Rico | July 9-16, 2022
Projects: Partner with local churches for evangelism and discipleship, local VBS 
Approximate Cost: $1,900

Your First Visit

We completely understand how nerve wracking that first visit can be. We want to make your first time as smooth and comfortable as possible.

First, know that on Sunday mornings, we have greeters at most every door that will gladly escort you to the Student Ministry area. We start in the Chapel and break-out into small group classes depending on your grade. On Wednesdays, too, we start in the Chapel for worship and teaching, and then break out into small groups.

While you are ALWAYS welcome to just show up, feel free, also, to contact our Student Pastor, Justin Hall, prior to coming. Justin will arrange to meet you on campus and show you around. He'll also help connect you with other students your age. 

What You'll Find

You will find an energetic student ministry! You'll see a team that passionately serves students and other students who will gladly welcome you into the group. 

You'll also find solid, Biblical teaching that is applicable to your life. We get how hard teenage life is. We want to support you and show you how a life with Jesus changes everything. 

Lastly, you'll find people who are like YOU. We need friends who will challenge and encourage us. Don't try to do life on your own. Join us and see how great your middle and high school years can be!

Curriculum and Resources

Sunday Curriculum: The Gospel Project for Students

Wednesday Curriculum: Written and taught by Student Pastor, Justin Hall

Information Forms
If you'd like a quick way to reach out to Justin before coming, fill this form out. He'll be in touch shortly!
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What's next

Do you have questions about salvation, baptism, or how to live out your faith in Jesus Christ? Check out these helpful videos from our team!

What's Next Videos

Meet Our Student Ministry Team

Our goal is to seek out the next lost person. No matter where that student is in life, we are going to love them.

Profile image of Justin Hall

Justin Hall

Student Pastor

Facebook: justinhall.basketball
Instagram: @justin_hall09

Profile image of Jennifer Scarbrough

Jennifer Scarbrough

Executive and Discipleship Ministry Assistant

Facebook: jennifer.scarbrough.12