About Giving

We believe that we are called to give as God gives, to share as God shares - to be like God. We believe that giving back to God a portion of what He has given us is an essential part of our relationship with God. We know that our entire life is given to us as a gift from God - and we should respond accordingly. As stewards of God’s gifts, we accept that we're accountable to Him for how we use all that He has given us.

New to Online Giving?

There are two things that you should know about our system.  

First, know that your transaction will be safe.  Credit card details are tokenized and are stored on your device on industrial grade servers where this information is then encrypted. The security setup we have used is the same as many banks and is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. For this reason, it is considered significantly more secure than many current offerings including actually having a credit card physically present.

Second, no fees are subtracted from your contribution to the church.  This means 100% of your contribution goes to the church and you also receive that credit for your tax records, just like if you were to write a check or give cash.