Preschool Sundays

what makes Preschool Sundays unique

Our preschoolers worship, learn, pray and play! Your child will be welcomed by loving teachers who are ready and equipped for their time together. Our Sunday and Wednesday programming uses curriculum geared to your child's age, and you'll be amazed at the Biblical truths they will retain. Above all, your child will be safe and secure while you attend your class or Worship service.

sunday school hours

We offer class times at 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. If you come for a worship service, your child will be placed in their age-appropriate preschool worship class for that hour. If you come for both Sunday School and worship, your child will do both a Sunday school and worship class, too! While the two classes are teaching from the same Bible lesson, it will be different activities. If you are interested in finding an adult Sunday school class, we can help point you in that direction after you drop off your child.

what we teach

We use the Gospel Project for preschoolers. This chronological journey through the Bible teaches our children Genesis to Revelation and how the Bible is one big story of redemption. What's unique is that most adult Sunday School classes use this curriculum, as well. So, it's likely you'll be studying the same lesson as your child. This helps create meaningful conversations with your child afterwards.

our teachers

Our teachers WANT to be here. They love kids, and love teaching children the Word! We have high standards for our teachers, and we realize the responsibility we have when caring for your child. Therefore, all teachers (and volunteers) are screened through Ministry Safe, giving us background checks on those who work with our kids. This program also provides training that we require all teachers to complete. 

Also, we have paid childcare staff for our babies through two year olds. This gives our littlest ones consistent, familiar faces each week. 

special needs

We are sensitive to all dietary and medical needs. It's important that you let us know exactly what your child will need. We want you and your child to feel comfortable during this time, so please, let us know how we can assist. If you'd like to discuss this prior to coming, feel free to contact Julie Parmer, our preschool director. 


The classrooms are set up for your child to explore, play and learn. You'll find appropriate tables, chairs, and toys. Keeping our rooms clean and safe are also important to us. We have two outdoor, safe playgrounds our teachers will utilize on good weather days. Our children really love this!

If you are a nursing mom, we have a private room for you, too! It's comfortable and quiet for you and your baby.