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The Risk Worth Taking

The Risk Worth Taking

by Larry Jenkins on April 17, 2020

Life is full of risks.  But in these days of COVID-19, we find ourselves struggling with choices about previously mundane activities. Is it safe to go to the grocery store? Should I go to the post office or not? How do I pump gas without touching the handle?

Obviously, we still have many questions about this new virus and how it is transmitted. For medical and health questions, we really should listen to those who have studied and practice medicine: wash your hands often, don’t touch your face, and wear a mask. To be a good citizen and to show that we love our neighbor, we need to practice the guidelines set forth by our governmental leaders: practice social distancing, work from home if possible, no groups larger than ten people. The list goes on.

But there is a greater issue at hand.  You and I have family members, friends and neighbors who are at a greater risk than facing COVID-19.  Have your neighbors heard the gospel? Do they know that Jesus is the Son of God who lived a sinless life and died in our place on the cross to purchase our forgiveness? Do they know that Jesus was buried and then rose from the dead, proving His power over sin and death? Do they know that unless they trust and follow Jesus, they face eternal punishment? There is a greater risk than facing COVID-19.  Will you and I make the most of this moment by sharing the gospel with others?

Here are some tips for sharing our faith during this time of health crisis:

1. Remember prayer is the key. 

Someone said: “Before you talk to your friends about Jesus, talk to Jesus about your friends.”  Pray daily for the unbelievers we know, asking God to open their hearts. Tell them you are praying for them. Ask how you can pray specifically for them. Let people know that you care for them, and see how the doors open for gospel conversations.

2. Meet a need.

Drop off supplies or packaged food with a note. When you are at the grocery, pick up some extra fruit and share it. Order online and pay for delivery of a pizza for your friend.  When people see we genuinely care, they will be open to listen.

3. Always be ready.

If we are intentional in our daily conversations, we will show we are always ready to give the reason for the hope that we have in Jesus!  (1 Peter 3:15)

Look for ways to initiate the conversation.  Ask how you can pray for someone and watch for openness to share their struggles. Share with them how God is helping you walk through this time. Briefly share your salvation story.  Your faith started with a decision to repent and trust God with your life, and your testimony is growing day by day as you learn to follow Him. If they seem open, take the time to share the gospel, using the method with which you are most comfortable. (Need help? See resources below.)

But, you say, “What about social distancing?”  Though it may seem awkward, it IS possible to have gospel conversations from a distance of six feet away.  But maybe this is also the day to make that phone call, send that email, write that letter.  You can be creative with your method of sharing—just remember that the message of HOPE in Jesus never changes.  With all that is at stake, this is a risk worth taking.


Resources for Evangelism:

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