The Journey - FAQ


Why is Travis retiring now?

The Lord made it clear 29 years ago, in 1989, that Travis was to accept the invitation to become pastor of the First Baptist Family. That same God is now saying it is time for him to transition into retirement sometime in 2019.

How long has Travis been thinking about or planning his retirement?

Travis began thinking and praying about this decision in 2012 during FBC’s Vision 2020 project. In 2016, he got a copy of Next, a book written by William Vanderbloemen that outlines succession and transition planning in the church. God gave Travis this resource, and a small group of prayer partners and confidants, to help bring him and Arlinda to his decision to retire.

How will this ANNOUNCEMENT affect my experience at First Baptist?

You probably won’t notice a big difference – Travis has committed to remain our pastor until we call a new pastor. Together, we will continue to lead our generation to be transformed through God’s Living Word by worshipping, growing and serving while we seek a new pastor.

will Travis and Arlinda still be around?

Travis has committed to remain our pastor until we call a new pastor. After he retires, Travis and Arlinda will be gone for a season to take time for themselves, time for travel and time with grandchildren. They will continue to live in Prattville, be accessible to our new pastor, and rejoin us on a regular basis at some time in the future.

How will the new Senior Pastor be selected?

First Baptist Church will conduct a thorough and unbiased search for the next Senior Pastor. The search process is designed to find and hire a new Senior Pastor that is aligned with the mission, values, vision and culture of First Baptist.

The search for the next Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church will be led by:
- First Baptist Church Pastor Search Team
- Vanderbloemen Search Group

The Pastor Search Team will work closely with Vanderbloemen Search Group, an experienced executive search firm specializing in Senior Pastor searches. 

You can learn more about our search for a Senior Pastor here.


The Administrative Council prayerfully compiled a group of First Baptist men and women from a wide range of ministries and backgrounds to represent our congregation. The Church approved the slate of candidates on August 26. You can learn more about the Pastor Search Team here.

How long will the search process take?

Travis will continue to serve First Baptist until the church calls a new pastor. A typical senior pastor search takes 6-12 months.

What can we do in the meantime?

We are all on this spiritual journey together. Let’s pray for the search process and keep living out the mission of First Baptist.

  • PRAY. Pray for Travis and Arlinda as they transition to a new season of life. Pray for the FBC Prattville family as we prepare to search for and welcome a new pastor.
  • BE INVOLVED. Be an active participant in the future of your church. Plan to attend the Business Meeting at 5 p.m. on Sunday, Aug 26, in the Worship Center, where you will get more information about the pastor search process and have the opportunity to ask questions.
  • STAY INFORMED. Visit to stay up-to-date on the new pastor search process and the special events we’ll host to celebrate Travis and Arlinda’s legacy at FBC.

How do I recommend a candidate?

If you have a candidate you’d like to recommend, he can apply online here or you can e-mail his name and contact information to .