Rock Your Block


Rock Your Block

Rock Your Block is FBC's Living Sent outreach for October, and there are a few ways you can easily participate in this simple mission on Halloween night! You can:

1. Do your normal trick-or-treating while being aware of connection opportunities. Introduce yourself to a new neighbor. Greet those you pass on the street. Pray to find simple ways as you go door to door with your child to make this a night of not just candy and treats, but of finding someone new to connect with. 

2. Volunteer at one of the eleven Rock Your Block neighborhood designations. We need eight volunteers per location. You'll be in this FBC member's front yard greeting people, handing out candy, giving out food and maybe playing a quick game of corn hole. It's a perfect set-up to meet people, strike up conversations and build connections. Sign-up is required and can be found below.

3. Donate candy for the eleven Rock Your Block designations. We will need a tremendous amount of candy to give out! You can donate until Wednesday, October 24. Bins labeled "Rock Your Block" are located at the Preschool and 3rd Street/Office entrances.

RYB Neighborhood Sign-Up

We need eight volunteers at each neighborhood site.

RYB Volunteer Form

What is your preferred neighborhood to serve?

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Need More Info?

If you need more information or have questions, please reach out to us! You can contact Julie Parmer, Megan Woodham or call the church office at 334-365-0606.