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Prayer Ministry 

Pastor Prayer Partners(Men & Women) 
Separate groups of men and women praying for and during our worship services. 

Prayer Room 
A special room dedicated for praying. All prayer requests sent to FBC are made available to the prayer room. 

Small Prayer Groups 
Small groups (usually 2 to 6 individuals of the same gender) who meet regularly to pray together. 

Electronic Prayer Chain 
A prayer chain accomplished via e-mail. 

Prayer Retreat 
An annual retreat/conference focusing on prayer. 

School Prayer Partners 
Prayer partners supporting local schools, classes, students,staff and teachers. A special prayer walk is held at the beginning of each school year. 

Prayer Testimonies 
Finding and sharing written or oral testimonies illustrating the power of prayer to the glory of God. These testimonies are used during worship services, as well asin our weekly newsletter. 

Wednesday Evening Prayer Support Group 
A prayer support group that meets from 6:15-8:00 p.m. Wednesday evenings. The session begins with praise and worship, then continues with prayer. The group meets in room 100. 

Spiritual Book Reviews 
Individuals read Christian materials and write concise summaries for others to review. These reviews are published in our prayer newsletter. 

Prayer Newsletter Articles 
Individuals write prayer articles for a quarterly prayer newsletter or the weekly church "Highlites". 

Prayer Post Cards 
Individuals write post cards or prayer grams to others in need of prayer and encouragement. The postcards can be mailed through the church office with the church payingthe postage. 

Homebound Prayer Visitors 
Small groups visiting to minister to and pray with the homebound. This ministry is in addition to our regular ongoing homebound ministry. 

Sunday School Class Prayer Warriors 
Individuals praying for their Sunday School class. All adult classes are encouraged to have individuals leading out in prayer. 

Discipleship Training Prayer Course 
Courses taught on the subject of or involving prayer during the Sunday evening Discipleship Training hour. Courses on prayer are also offered on Wednesday night. 

Prayers For Invocation/Offertory 
Volunteers are used to offer up the Invocation Prayer and Offertory Prayer during Sunday morning services.