Sunday School


Sunday School

What is Sunday School?

Sunday School at FBC is one of the biggest things we do every week. We believe that nothing surpasses small groups on Sunday mornings. It’s all about relationships, digging deep into God’s Word and each other’s lives. This is where church starts to feel like family.

When and where does Sunday School meet?

We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30.  Here are the locations for each group:

  • 7th grade - Room 200
  • 8th grade - Room 202
  • 9th grade - Room 300
  • 10th grade - Room 306
  • 11th grade - Room 302
  • 12th grade - Room 304

What does Sunday School look like?

Sunday School groups are assembled by grade so if this is your first time, you'll more than likely know somebody in your group!